Saturday, February 1, 2014

Difference Beyond Recognition Course

New course taught by Professor Greig Crysler:

Difference Beyond Recognition

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*is a one-unit, five week colloquium, built around the lecture and workshop by the acclaimed author, Manil Suri. The colloquium meets on Tuesday evenings in room 112; Suri’s lecture is part of the Spring lecture series and occurs on Wednesday Feb 12 at 6:30pm; the workshop is the following day from 10-1pm in the Cal Design Center. We will watch three films that will enhance students’ understanding of the issues in Suri’s book – two films by Hanif Kureishi, and one by the Indian director, Onir.

*Students who enroll in the colloquium will have the option of reading Suri’s book (a copy will be provided to enrolled students at no charge) prior to the lecture. Food will be provided during an intermission when we are watching the films. A discussion will follow each film.

*Suri’s lecture will discuss sexuality and space in Mumbai, India, drawing on his 2013 book, City of Devi, which is set in that city. The book is a work of fiction that reflects on questions surrounding cultural identity and urban life in India. Two discussants will comment on Suri’s lecture and take part in the workshop – Shari Stone Mediator is a specialist in cross cultural research, and another, Lesley Lokko, is an architect and critic whose work deals with cultural difference in the design process. They will discuss how Suri’s book enables us to question our assumptions about cultural identities, reveals new ways to think about the relationship between cities and sexuality, and opens up new questions about the role of diversity in design.

*a workshop will follow the lecture by Suri on Thursday Feb 12, from 10-1pm. This will engage the participants in creative activity involving design, making use of the ideas, aesthetics, and spatial invention in Suri’s book. The workshop is being planned by architect and critic Lesley Lokko, who has extensive experience teaching design studios that include questions around cultural difference as their primary subject matter.