Saturday, December 14, 2013

UVA's School of Architecture Opened New Program

For the first time, the summer Study Abroad programs from UVA's School of Architecture are now open to students from other universities.

So if you are interested in:

· engaging contemporary design practice and its history in China

· studying architectural drawing in Italy

· participating in a design build program in Jamaica

· or studying sustainable cities in Switzerland

then explore your summer 2014 options HERE.

Like many of our peers, the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia has a long-standing commitment to study abroad programs. Why?

Because global perspectives clarify our local work by exposing designers, planners, and historians to surprising and creative possibilities. Partnering with local experts around the world enables us to explore unfamiliar solutions to familiar problems.

Furthermore, our work in the local is also increasingly entangled in the global. Every built environment is enmeshed in a network of multiscalar systems: political, material, economic, cultural, etc. To understand architecture, we have to study not just the local context, but also the complex regional and global systems that, in turn, give shape and meaning to the local.

Students from past programs reported enthusiastically about their experience:

"The Summer in China program offered an incredible journey through contemporary Chinese architecture and urbanism, as well as a fascinating survey of the country's rich history and culture throughout our travels across five major cities. The collective experiences, both educational and day-to-day, left me with countless memories and a unique global perspective on the current architectural and urban conditions." Austin Walker, Undergrad Architecture major

For more information about any of these programs, contact Mary Jo Bateman at mb2tr@Virginia.EDU