Saturday, December 14, 2013

The City in Literature- Geography 170

Professor Johns - Geography 170 - Mondays 10-12 - McCone 575

By the "city" I mean the American city during the last century and a half. By "literature" I mean novels, essays, poems, and journalism. We'll discuss the literature both to see the evolution of the city itself and how it has been depicted. Students will write three short essays.

Feb 3 Wide Open

Millhauser Martin Dressler;* Whitman Brooklyn Ferry; Dreiser Sister Carrie

Feb 10 Good and Evil

Larson The Devil in the White City*

Feb 17 Immigrants in the City

Sinclair The Jungle;* Riis "The Down Town Back Alleys"; Plunkitt "Honest Graft"; Steffans "The Police" and "Roosevelt and Reform"

Feb 24 The Black Experience in Harlem

Thurman The Brighter the Berry;* Hughes "When the Negro was in Vogue"; Johnson "The Autobiography"; Hurston "Study in Harlem"; Cayton Black Metropolis

Mar 3 The City and the Individual

Cressey The Taxi-Dance Hall; Zorbaugh The Gold Coast and the Slum; Furia The Poets; Cather "Coming, Aphrodite"; St Vincent Millay "If I should learn" and "Recuerdo"

Mar 17 Urban Noir

Chandler Farewell my Lovely;* Himes If He Hollers Let Him Go*

Mar 31 High Modernity

White "Here is New York"; Baldwin "The Harlem Ghetto"; Johnson "Minor Characters"; Mannes The New York I Know; Sondheim "America"

Apr 7 A New Life in the Post-War Suburbs

Waldie Holy Land;* Friedan The Feminine Mystique; White The Organization Man

Apr 14 Decline and Fall in the '60s and '70s

Dideon Slouching; Wolfe Radical Chic; Rechy City of Night; Royko Boss; Ginsburg "Mugging"

Apr 21 Latinos, Blacks, Yuppies

Dideon Miami; Naipaul A Turn in the South; Wolfe Bonfire of the Vanities

Apr 28 Regression and Resurgence

LeDuff Detroit;* Johns "The Retro City"; Wampole "How to Live Without Irony"

* books available at the Student Union bookstore; everything else is in a reader.