Saturday, December 14, 2013

Big Ideas and Discovery Courses

Undergraduates: are you looking for an exciting way to fulfill your breadth requirement? 
We have some great Big Ideas and Discovery Courses lined up for spring, and each one was designed to satisfy breadth in an engaging way. For instance, we have a a new Bio Science breadth course, Biology for Voters, that is guaranteed to be super, but it meets at 8:00 a.m. so it has not yet filled. 
It's taught by Jasper Rine, a Distinguished Teaching Award winner who is funny and charming, along with Fydor Urnov, who is equally funny and charming. 
We also have another new course, a Big Ideas Course on Beauty, that is sure to appeal to students of design. it's instructor approval only, but I know the professor wants students from a range of disciplines so CED students would have a good chance of getting in. Between the two programs we are offering 14 spring courses, so check the website to find one that would be just right for you.