Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Announcement

As we approach Thanksgiving, we would like to acknowledge the circumstances and needs that may arise for students during this holiday. We know some students are not able to go home due to financial constraints and find themselves during the four day break with limited resources for necessities like food.

Fortunately, there are free and low cost food options available near campus. The Financial Aid Office can also process emergency, no-interest loans which can be used for food (more information at http://students.berkeley.edu/finaid/undergraduates/eloans.htm).In addition, if you feel comfortable doing so, you might want to reach out to others for support. Most people are happy to have an extra dinner guest or share a bag of groceries with a friend.

Please try to plan ahead. If you have meal plan points, consider picking up essentials at the Bear Market before the break. Or if you have cash, please shop for healthy low-cost items at the local grocery stores. Remember, many places are closed on Thanksgiving Day, so try not to wait until that Thursday to think about your food situation.

This resource sheet has information on low-cost grocery options, low-cost restaurant meals, and free meals in the community: http://uhs.berkeley.edu/whatseatingyou/pdf/thanksgiving.pdf. For more information, please contact Tang Center’s Social Services at (510) 642.6074 or Fabrizio Mejia (Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence [Ce3]) at fmejia@berkeley.edu.

We wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.