Friday, November 22, 2013

"Difference Beyond Recognition"

Env Des 98 (CCN 28807) or Env Des 198 (CCN 28867)

Tuesdays 7-10 pm 112 Wurster Hall

This class meets for the first five weeks of the semester only.

This colloquium will explore the creative potential of cultural difference in teaching, research and campus life at Berkeley. 

The first part, lasting three weeks, is a film series where students will watch and discuss films exploring cultural difference and the spaces of urban life. 
The second part is an evening lecture and follow-up workshop with acclaimed author Manil Suri, who will discuss his provocative 2013 book, City of Devi, about national politics, religion, social division, sexuality and space in Mumbai, India. 
For the third part of the colloquium, students will work in class on a creative project with Suri and invited critics that will explore the translation of knowledge and creative practices across disciplines in relation to questions of cultural difference.