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UVA's School of Architecture Opened New Program

For the first time, the summer Study Abroad programs from UVA's School of Architecture are now open to students from other universities.

So if you are interested in:

· engaging contemporary design practice and its history in China

· studying architectural drawing in Italy

· participating in a design build program in Jamaica

· or studying sustainable cities in Switzerland

then explore your summer 2014 options HERE.

Like many of our peers, the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia has a long-standing commitment to study abroad programs. Why?

Because global perspectives clarify our local work by exposing designers, planners, and historians to surprising and creative possibilities. Partnering with local experts around the world enables us to explore unfamiliar solutions to familiar problems.

Furthermore, our work in the local is also increasingly entangled in the global. Every built environment is enmeshed in a network of multiscalar systems: political, material, economic, cultural, etc. To understand architecture, we have to study not just the local context, but also the complex regional and global systems that, in turn, give shape and meaning to the local.

Students from past programs reported enthusiastically about their experience:

"The Summer in China program offered an incredible journey through contemporary Chinese architecture and urbanism, as well as a fascinating survey of the country's rich history and culture throughout our travels across five major cities. The collective experiences, both educational and day-to-day, left me with countless memories and a unique global perspective on the current architectural and urban conditions." Austin Walker, Undergrad Architecture major

For more information about any of these programs, contact Mary Jo Bateman at mb2tr@Virginia.EDU

The City in Literature- Geography 170

Professor Johns - Geography 170 - Mondays 10-12 - McCone 575

By the "city" I mean the American city during the last century and a half. By "literature" I mean novels, essays, poems, and journalism. We'll discuss the literature both to see the evolution of the city itself and how it has been depicted. Students will write three short essays.

Feb 3 Wide Open

Millhauser Martin Dressler;* Whitman Brooklyn Ferry; Dreiser Sister Carrie

Feb 10 Good and Evil

Larson The Devil in the White City*

Feb 17 Immigrants in the City

Sinclair The Jungle;* Riis "The Down Town Back Alleys"; Plunkitt "Honest Graft"; Steffans "The Police" and "Roosevelt and Reform"

Feb 24 The Black Experience in Harlem

Thurman The Brighter the Berry;* Hughes "When the Negro was in Vogue"; Johnson "The Autobiography"; Hurston "Study in Harlem"; Cayton Black Metropolis

Mar 3 The City and the Individual

Cressey The Taxi-Dance Hall; Zorbaugh The Gold Coast and the Slum; Furia The Poets; Cather "Coming, Aphrodite"; St Vincent Millay "If I should learn" and "Recuerdo"

Mar 17 Urban Noir

Chandler Farewell my Lovely;* Himes If He Hollers Let Him Go*

Mar 31 High Modernity

White "Here is New York"; Baldwin "The Harlem Ghetto"; Johnson "Minor Characters"; Mannes The New York I Know; Sondheim "America"

Apr 7 A New Life in the Post-War Suburbs

Waldie Holy Land;* Friedan The Feminine Mystique; White The Organization Man

Apr 14 Decline and Fall in the '60s and '70s

Dideon Slouching; Wolfe Radical Chic; Rechy City of Night; Royko Boss; Ginsburg "Mugging"

Apr 21 Latinos, Blacks, Yuppies

Dideon Miami; Naipaul A Turn in the South; Wolfe Bonfire of the Vanities

Apr 28 Regression and Resurgence

LeDuff Detroit;* Johns "The Retro City"; Wampole "How to Live Without Irony"

* books available at the Student Union bookstore; everything else is in a reader.

Study Abroad Events

"Other Voices" Course Accepting Enrollment

Other Voices, a 2 unit course co-sponsored by the English Department and the Student Learning Center, is accepting enrollments.

Other Voices is an exciting course that introduces students to the literary studies currently being undertaken by Berkeley faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and community artists interested in issues of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and the formations of diverse, innovative, and emerging literary cultures.

The central aims of the course are to raise student awareness of the role literature has played in shaping the historical debates about multiculturalism and rethink the ways we conceptualize identities in the United States. The course also affirms student experiences, promotes student dialogue and activism, and presents a forum for discussing interactions between diverse subjects, communities, and institutions.

Guest lecturers will come to speak at our Monday 12-1 lectures in The Multicultural Community
Center (Hearst Field Annex D).

There are one-hour discussion sections that will meet on Wednesdays at the same time, from 12-1.

If you know students who might be interested in careers where discussing and teaching literature is important and if they are looking for a fun and interactive 2 unit course, please let them know about Other Voices. 

Students can visit the Other Voices website at .

13 Day Visit of Athens, Greece

Athens: Heritage and Modernity

Exploration of the coexistence between historic and modern Athens, Greece

Spring (March 16 - March 27, 2014)
(check-in Saturday, March 15 - check-out Friday, March 28)

Summer (June 29 - July 10, 2014)
(check-in Saturday, June 28 - check-out Friday, July 11)

This 13 day visit of Athens is a thoughtful exploration of the history, preservation and conservation issues facing the city, organized around a series of lectures and visits lead by some of the top Athenian archaeologists, architects, historians, conservators and planners who have been dealing with the problem of surveying, planning, and preserving monuments and cultural heritage in the midst of a growing modern city.

Please visit our website and syllabus to see a complete list of faculty, lectures and visits.

The program is intended for people studying, or professionally involved in, the fields of: History, Archaeology, Architecture Art History, Architecture, Urban Planning, Anthropology, Conservation and Historic Preservation, but is also open for people with a general interest in any of the above mentioned subjects.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in this program you can get further information at our website. Our deadlines for applying are: February 1st 2014, for spring and May 1st 2014, for summer.

Food Assistance

Struggling to Pay for Food? We Can Help!

Are you skipping meals? Eating less? Giving up food to pay for other expenses, such as rent? We can help! UC Berkeley strives to ensure that all students have access to nutritious food. We want you to be able to concentrate on your studies and not on how you'll pay for your next meal.

Both undergraduate and graduate students may apply to our food assistance program, which may help fund an on-campus partial meal plan if you live in an apartment, or may provide additional funds if you live on or off campus and need food assistance during in-semester breaks. Applicants to the program are encouraged, and may be required, to attend a one-on-one financial counseling session

Scholarships and Awards for Students of Color

Check out this list of scholarships and awards for students of color:

2015-2016 Student Regent Application

The application for the 2015-16 Student Regent position is now available online.

Students may access the application through the Regents' homepage at To apply, students must complete, sign and submit the application form along with a current resume and an essay (per the application) by February 20, 2014.

Complete applications and supporting documents should be submitted via email to the following two (2) addresses:, Associate Secretary of the Regents, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Berkeley Student Regent Coordinator

2014 Summer Design Scholars

Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company is accepting applications for its class of 2014 Summer Design Scholars. This is a juried selection, open to upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and interior design.
The submission deadline is midnight Monday, FEBRUARY 17. Selection will be made by March 4. If you are not the person who should receive this information, we would appreciate your assistance in getting it into the right hands. You can learn more about our program (and applicants can apply) at this link:
If you have other questions, please contact Nick Vlattas,, or 757-321-9608 .
We look forward to another exciting year!

Cal Alumni Hiring Interns

The Cal Alumni Association is hiring 2 interns (work study if needed)

Scholarships Office Intern

Title: Interns (2), CAA Student Engagement Program Pay rate: $12/hour, work-study students preferred.

Undergraduate Awards Programme

Students can now register or submit for the 2014 Undergraduate Awards Programme.
If you haven't heard of us, the Undergraduate Awards is the only worldwide, multi discipline, academic awards programme for undergrads. We accept coursework from undergrads under our 25 categories which cover every field of study from Archaeology to Zoology. 

In each category there is an Irish Winner and an International winner. However, as competition is so high, we also acknowledge the students, and their institutions,in the top 10% of their category.

It would be great to have more students from University of California, Berkeley in this year's programme. Winning students benefit from the following:

1. The Recognition 
Winners are named as a top student in their field globally against students from numerous international universities and their work is published in the UA Journal.

2. The Summit
They win an all expenses paid trip to the UA Global Summit in Dublin to attend a three day brainstorming and networking event with their counterparts from across the globe. Here is a video of our Summit that took place in November. 

3. The Network 
UA also recognises the top 10% of shortlisted students in each category. Winning entrants & Highly Commended students become members of the UA Alumni network, an eclectic mix of world class students.

Student chapter of Arab American Association

CED students,
The students heading up the UC Berkeley student chapter of Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects have recently graduated. If you might be interested in working with students in the College of Engineering to revive this group, please let me know!

Big Ideas and Discovery Courses

Undergraduates: are you looking for an exciting way to fulfill your breadth requirement? 
We have some great Big Ideas and Discovery Courses lined up for spring, and each one was designed to satisfy breadth in an engaging way. For instance, we have a a new Bio Science breadth course, Biology for Voters, that is guaranteed to be super, but it meets at 8:00 a.m. so it has not yet filled. 
It's taught by Jasper Rine, a Distinguished Teaching Award winner who is funny and charming, along with Fydor Urnov, who is equally funny and charming. 
We also have another new course, a Big Ideas Course on Beauty, that is sure to appeal to students of design. it's instructor approval only, but I know the professor wants students from a range of disciplines so CED students would have a good chance of getting in. Between the two programs we are offering 14 spring courses, so check the website to find one that would be just right for you.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Architecture Students Needed

Students Needed!

Rio Vista recently secured a grant from the American Institute of Architects for a Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team (R/UDAT)visit. This is an intense 4-day period of planning and design spearheaded by a group of 8-10 nationally recognized professionals from all over the United States. After viewing both the study area and the surrounding community and listening to the concerns and ideas of residents, interested groups, and community leaders, the team prepares and publishes a report that is presented in a public meeting on the last day.
Architecture students and students in related disciplines are prescribed as an important part of our R/UDAT. Performing assignments in support of the team’s work, they’re needed to bring excitement and help contribute to a better report. The criteria for participation are the students’ understanding of the principles of urban design and planning, a talent for drawing or writing, and an ability to help with report production or photography. Students must have the ability to work intensely in collaboration with others. Their specific roles will vary with their skills and experience and can be a major learning experience.
Who do we need?

We’re looking for 8-10 architecture and urban planning students with great drawing and illustration skills to assist and collaborate and with a national team of recognized design professionals during the first weekend of March, 2014. This is a chance for students to have an unbelievable learning experience, make great professional and personal connections, help a community in need, receive national recognition, and hone their skills. Working with students from one school is preferred so that one student can coordinate the others. A student team that works well together is highly desired.

We need students with an understanding of the principles of urban design and planning, a talent for drawing or writing, and an ability to help with report production or photography. Students must have the ability to work intensely in collaboration with others. Their specific roles will vary with their skills and experience and can be a major learning experience. In a nutshell we need students with great illustration and presentation skills, whether its “hand drawing”/illustration, or with a computer using these programs:
  • Sketchup
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Students who have laptops with these programs pre-installed are highly desirable.

Transportation is available to and from the Pittsburg/Baypoint BART station and bikes and rides are available in town.

Rio Vision will provide to places to crash and plenty of good food and drink. More details will be available in the near future.
Student Benefits:

Students benefit by having the opportunity to work in a fast-paced interdisciplinary setting, through a community-driven process, on a real project with some of the leading practitioners throughout the United States. Everyone (both local professionals, students, and others) who volunteer for the project will be recognized in the final published report and elsewhere. By taking part, students become part of a proud decades-long tradition of service that has involved some of the best thinkers on community design in the country. Beyond that, the professional volunteers can serve as a reference for students who may seek fellowships, jobs, or other future opportunities.
By taking part, students become part of a proud decades-long tradition of service that has involved some of the best thinkers on community design in the country.
More information visit: or contact Mark McTeer:

CITRIS Sustainability Internship Program Co-Coordinator and Lead Intern

The CITRIS Sustainability Internship program aims to connect four companies with four highly qualified undergraduate interns for summer 2014 internships. Interns will complete a series of on-campus sustainability and environmentally-focused workshops and trainings during spring semester 2014 in preparation for their summer internships. Summer internships will be highly competitive and will offer compensation of no less than $12/hour. Interns will be expected to work for 12-14 weeks for 30-40 hours per week. Read about the 2013 TGIF funded CITRIS Sustainability Internship Program here:

Job Duties:
1. Work to institutionalize the internship program into a campus department or organization.
2. Work with the Coordinator to plan spring workshops and trainings for all interns.
3. Communicate professionally with partner companies.
4. Assist other interns in administrative issues.
5. Organize and plan meetings for interns and Coordinator.
6. Complete training for Coordinator position for 2014-2015 or help train a staff member for Coordinator position for 2014-2015.

Job Qualifications:
· UC Berkeley undergraduate student, preferably not graduating this year
· Interest and/or experience in environmental sustainability.
· Available to work 2-5 hours per week (unpaid) during spring semester 2014.
· Available to work 12-14 weeks for 30-40 hours per week (paid) during summer 2014.
· Organized, responsible, able to communicate in a timely and professional manner, willing to take initiative.
· This position will be offered the summer internship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with the Chief Sustainability Officer. Experience with coding, data analysis and/or computer science is preferred, but not required.

Number of Openings: 1

Compensation: Pro bono during the spring semester – summer compensation, minimum $12/hr.
Hours/Week: 2-5 hours/week during the semester, 30-40 hours/week during the summer
Reports to: Jacqueline Hsu, CITRIS Sustainability Internship Coordinator
Desired Start Date: ASAP
To Apply: Please send a cover letter expressing your interest and your resume to Jacqueline Hsu,, by Dec. 6 at 6pm.

Student Ambassador for Berkeley Students Job

Job Description
Facilitate greater engagement between students and campus staff in order to determine the strategic direction of the Campaign for Scholarships and Student Life
The incumbent would:
  • Organize focus groups with students to determine what messages will speak to students as future alumni and supporters of the university. 
  • Create a presentation designed to engage students in philanthropy and create a culture of giving back to the University.
  • Identify key student organizations and help facilitate meetings between the Vice Chancellor with these groups (for example, Graduate Assembly, ASUC, RHA etc.) to promote involvement in philanthropy.
  • Collaborate with other student ambassadors to organize outreach events to support fundraising activities geared toward students.
  • Create a PR program focused on students.
  • Provide the “student voice” at events with prospective donors
  • Attend donor events with the Vice Chancellor.
  • Execute any office work need to support Student Affairs philanthropy operations
  • Be involved in stewardship activities (handwritten Thank-You notes, postcards etc.)
  • Organized
  • Proactive
  • Self-directed initiative
  • Goal-oriented
  • Strong communication skills
  • Comfortable speaking to large groups and reaching out to individuals and groups across the campus
  • Innovative
  • Flexible
  • Vision and Goal Oriented
  • Willing to work up to 12 hours/week
  • Computer skills (Photoshop and InDesign a plus)
  • $1800 stipend per semester – work study available
Application Process:
Please submit a one-page interest letter and a resume to the Student Affairs Philanthropy Office

End of Class Party and Photo/Video making

Celebrate the end of classes with live music and a photo and video making party at BAM/PFA.  Come enjoy free pizza and participate in experimental photo and video booths. Disposable cameras provided Also, last chance to see the exhibition Yang Fudong: Estranged paradise, Works 1993-2013.

The party is happening December 7th, the Saturday before RRR week at 2626 Bancroft Way. FREE for all Cal students with a current UC ID. Visit the facebook event page for more information

More information about Station/Motion can be found on the BAM/PFA Student Committee facebook, and the BAM/PFA website: 

Resources for LinkedIn Profile

Resources to get to know the benefits of a LinkedIn profile and presence, and to help students get started.

Food Assistance Program

Are you skipping meals? Eating less? Giving up food to pay for other expenses, such as rent? We can help! UC Berkeley strives to ensure that all students have access to nutritious food. We want you to be able to concentrate on your studies and not on how you'll pay for your next meal.

Both undergraduate and graduate students may apply to our food assistance program, which may help fund an on-campus partial meal plan if you live in an apartment, or may provide additional funds if you live on or off campus and need food assistance during in-semester breaks. Applicants to the program are encouraged, and may be required, to attend a one-on-one financial counseling session.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ATC Lecture-Zhang Ga

Monday, December 2 | 7:30PM – 9:00 PM | 310 Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley
ATC Lecture – Zhang Ga, “From Timelapse to Timecollapse: Rethinking New Media Art and Platform China”

The ATC series is produced by the Berkeley Center for New Media (BCNM), with support from the Office of the Vice Chancellor and Provost, the Center for Information Technology in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), Meyer Sound and Theo Armour. For more information, visit

Media for Social Change Course

Art 160:Media for Social Change in spring 2014 Mon/Wed/Friday 9-12

If interested, please contact Azin:

Paid Research Positions

1) OSU Center F\or RNA Biology Summer Undergraduate Program
The Center for RNA Biology at Ohio State is launching a summer research program for undergraduates in 2014. The program is open to applicants from all over the U.S. and students will receive a stipend, travel allowance, and housing. The students will work with a faculty mentor and earn a $3,000 stipend for the 9 week session. The students will also participate in weekly journal clubs and science talks. Applications are due February 10, 2014. For more information, please contact Zack Mikesell at:

 2) Healy Lab / Technology For HIV/AIDS Monitoring
Help develop a novel, inexpensive, and compact assay for monitoring HIV/AIDS. The Healy Lab seeks motivated Undergraduate Research Associates who would like to make an impact in global HIV healthcare and participate in the design, prototyping, and validation of this technology. Position begins Spring 2014, and pays $10/hour. Contact Anh-Thi Le, Research Assistant, for more information at:

3) Interviewers Need To Work On A Young Adult Survey In the Bay Area
We are hiring research assistants for short term work with a UCSF health survey of Bay Area (SF and Alameda county) young adults. This is a multi-mode survey (mail, phone and face-to-face) for which we will need to hire approximately 10 survey interviewers(research assistants) in the coming weeks to conduct the interviews and help us with survey prep/implementation and possibly data reduction.

The ideal candidates will be people in the 18-26 year old age range (they have to be at least 18) from diverse backgrounds who are interested in gaining research experience. If you speak a language common to people in the Bay Area (e.g. Spanish, Cantonese, Vietnamese), that would be wonderful (though not a requirement).

I am looking to hire people who can work with us for 15-40 hours/week starting at the beginning of November and who are available to work until at least mid-December. The hourly wage is $11.50. There will be a required (paid) 3-day interviewer training at the beginning of November, and we expect to begin field work, i.e. telephone interviewing followed by face-to-face interviewing shortly thereafter. For more information, please contact Louisa Holmes at: or 415.476.0606

Undergraduate Research Scholarships

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship provides $7,500 for a maximum of two years for educational expenses to outstanding sophomores and juniors majoring in mathematics, sciences, and engineering. The purpose of the award is to encourage top students to pursue careers and advanced degrees in these fields. The Berkeley campus committee selects Berkeley's nominees before applications are forwarded to the Goldwater Foundation.  
Application Deadline: December 9, 2013, 12:00p.m.
Students interested in applying should contact Alicia Hayes at For more information visit,

 Beinecke Scholarship

The Beinecke Brothers Memorial Scholarship provides $34,000: $4,000 prior to graduate study and $15,000 per year for two years of graduate study in the arts, humanities, or social sciences. Eighty colleges and universities from across the U.S. (including UC Berkeley) are invited to nominate one student for a Beinecke Scholarship; twenty scholarships are awarded nationwide.
Application Deadline: February 11th, 2014, 12:00p.m. 
Students interested in applying should contact Alicia Hayes at For more information visit,       

Undergraduate Research Grants

1) (rolling deadline)
History--Undergraduate Research Grant
Sponsored by the Friends of Cal History, this grant offers up to $750 for research-related expenses, including but not limited to travel, incurred by undergraduate History majors. The grant is for those students enrolled in History 101, the required senior thesis.
Although the deadline is usually around the sixth week of classes of each semester, in fact applications are accepted until the funds have been disbursed.
Applicants must submit an application form, with a budget and a proposal, and a letter of recommendation from the thesis advisor.
For further questions, please see this page or contact Leah Flanagan,,
3229 Dwinelle Hall, mail code #2550.
2) (rolling deadline)
Institute for International Studies Undergraduate Conference Travel Grant

The Institute of International Studies (IIS) Undergraduate Conference Travel Grant supports undergraduate students who plan on traveling to a conference to present a research project, paper, or poster on any topic related to international affairs. Grant amounts will depend on the location of the conference (domestic or international). Students must be registered for the term in which they are planning to attend their conference and be presenting a paper or poster at the conference. For more info:
3) (rolling deadline)
Semiconductor Research Corporation Intel Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (SRC URO)

Benefits: Stipend of up to $1500 will be paid to students accepted, depending on hours per week or level of effort, on confirmation of completion of research by faculty mentor.

Students in specific fields of interest to SRC (BioE, CS, EE, ME, IEOR, MSE, etc.)
Traditionally underrepresented students are encouraged to apply.
US citizens or permanent residents
GPA of 3.0 of higher
Sophomores eligible and encouraged to apply.
For more info:
4) (rolling deadline)
Student Opportunity Funds (SOF)

The Student Opportunity Fund is designed to provide support for events/activities both co-curricular and academic planned by and for Cal students. One of the objectives of the Student Opportunity Fund is to support programs that foster a greater sense of campus community and that are conducive to free intellectual exchange. Another goal is to encourage more interaction and educational experiences for students outside of the classroom, such as visiting speakers, forums on topics of general interest, and special campus panel discussions.
For more information:
More research program deadlines -- most are in the early spring -- appear at: Note that the list can be sorted by deadline or in alphabetical order by program name. Also note the search button on the left side of the page.

Become a Paid Participant in Eye-Related Clinical Research

The UC Berkeley Clinical Research Center (CRC) is currently looking for people to participate in various eye-related studies. The eligibility criteria and compensation varies per study ($15-25/hour).
If you are interested in participating, please contact the CRC at (510) 643-9252 or (510) 642-9731 to fill out a preliminary screening questionnaire to determine your eligibility. You will need to have had an eye exam in the last two years to be eligible for the studies.

UC Berkeley Clinical Research Center
School of Optometry
110A Minor Addition
Berkeley, CA 94720

Thanksgiving Announcement

As we approach Thanksgiving, we would like to acknowledge the circumstances and needs that may arise for students during this holiday. We know some students are not able to go home due to financial constraints and find themselves during the four day break with limited resources for necessities like food.

Fortunately, there are free and low cost food options available near campus. The Financial Aid Office can also process emergency, no-interest loans which can be used for food (more information at addition, if you feel comfortable doing so, you might want to reach out to others for support. Most people are happy to have an extra dinner guest or share a bag of groceries with a friend.

Please try to plan ahead. If you have meal plan points, consider picking up essentials at the Bear Market before the break. Or if you have cash, please shop for healthy low-cost items at the local grocery stores. Remember, many places are closed on Thanksgiving Day, so try not to wait until that Thursday to think about your food situation.

This resource sheet has information on low-cost grocery options, low-cost restaurant meals, and free meals in the community: For more information, please contact Tang Center’s Social Services at (510) 642.6074 or Fabrizio Mejia (Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence [Ce3]) at

We wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Design the New York City Residential Tower of the 21st Century, Win $10,000

What is your vision for the living cities of the 21st century? We invite you to enter the inaugural
Living Cities: Residential Towers for the 21st Century Design Competition co-produced by Metropolis, the Steel Institute of New York, and the Ornamental Metal Institute of New York.

Original entries must use a steel structural system with curtain wall enclosure and consider the

needs of New York City's growing and diverse urban population along with the role that building characteristics play in overall constructability, sustainability, and creature comforts. The proposed
site must be within the city's five boroughs.

The winner will be awarded $10,000 and invited to present their proposal at the Institutes' conference in New York City. The winner and runners-up will also be publicized globally, across our media channels.

Submissions due January 3, 2014 at 11:59PM EST.
For more information and to register, go to:

Arcosanti is now accepting applications for the 2014 Geoffrey H. Bruce Fellowship.

Qualified applicants are students and recent graduates of art, architecture and/or design-related programs. Please see the attached informational flyer for full details.

Applications due on or before December 15, 2013. The winning applicant will be announced on or before January 15, 2014, and will receive a scholarship that covers the full cost of any 5-week workshop program at Arcosanti in 2014. 

Located in central Arizona, Arcosanti is the urban laboratory and prototype arcology (architecture + ecology) founded by architect Paolo Soleri in 1970. We are focused on pursuing lean alternatives to urban sprawl through innovative design, community and environmental accountability. Built entirely by the 7000 work shoppers who have participated over the last 43 years, Arcosanti is a project of the Cosanti Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation based near Phoenix, Arizona.

For more information about Arcosanti, Arcosanti Workshops, and the Geoffrey H. Bruce Fellowship, please visit us at

Letters And Science 105:: Arts Entrepreneurship (3 units)

LETTERS AND SCIENCE 105:: Arts Entrepreneurship (3 units)
Mondays 2-5, 241 CORY
Instructor: ANDREWS, R..

The course uses the development of student projects to explore the intersections between art and business. Along with encouraging innovation and creative/critical thinking about the role of arts organizations in society, the course examines theories and practical techniques for professional arts managers, including:
· Building an arts community
· Strategic planning for arts organizations
· Mission and program development
· Fundraising
· Financial management
· Marketing

The course combines readings, in-class discussions and exercises with site visits, case studies and guest speakers from the local arts community.

 INSTRUCTOR: Richard Andrews

Friday, November 22, 2013

Research experience in Germany

RWTH Aachen University is the leading technical universities in Germany with a long tradition in the education of architects.
As part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROP) programme it awards 30 scholarships of ten weeks to North American Students in 2nd or 3rd year of their bachelor studies.

Within this programme the Chair of Landscape Architecture this year proposes the subject "Mapping the productive park".

Application deadline is January 31st 2014.

For more details, contact Axel Timpe:

SPROUTS Recruiting Two Students for Paid Positions

Recruiting two students for paid positions to work on a TGIF Grant funded project. The team name is called SPROUTS, or Student Projects Redefining Our University's Trash, Sustainably by December 1st

Required Qualifications:
1. Strong marketing background and implementation skills
2. Students must be self-motivated, organized, and professional
3. Have excellent written and oral communication skills
4. Be proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
5. Have a flexible work schedule and be available to work during academic breaks, evenings, and weekends
6. Have a valid Class C Driver’s License

To Apply: Please send a cover letter expressing your interest and your resume to Shannon Davis at by 5:00pm on December 1st. Select applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview by Friday, December 6th, 2013. Please feel free to include any relevant design work or short writing samples for review. Visit the TGIF website to familiarize with the SPROUTS grant application.

Summer Program in at the Paris College of Art

The Summer Program at Paris College of Art offers an exciting set of courses with a modern edge in the historically and artistically rich city of Paris. In these two and four-week long courses, introductory though advanced level students will explore art, design, business, culture, and language.
Register before January 15, 2014 and receive 15% discount
For more information, contact

Graduation Gown Lending Project Application

The Fall 2013 application for the Graduation Gown Lending Project is now available. 
Visit to view and submit the online application or pick up a hard copy at The Dreamers Resource Center in 119 Chavez. The due date is November 27th at 5pm.

You may also email if you have any questions or concerns.

"Difference Beyond Recognition"

Env Des 98 (CCN 28807) or Env Des 198 (CCN 28867)

Tuesdays 7-10 pm 112 Wurster Hall

This class meets for the first five weeks of the semester only.

This colloquium will explore the creative potential of cultural difference in teaching, research and campus life at Berkeley. 

The first part, lasting three weeks, is a film series where students will watch and discuss films exploring cultural difference and the spaces of urban life. 
The second part is an evening lecture and follow-up workshop with acclaimed author Manil Suri, who will discuss his provocative 2013 book, City of Devi, about national politics, religion, social division, sexuality and space in Mumbai, India. 
For the third part of the colloquium, students will work in class on a creative project with Suri and invited critics that will explore the translation of knowledge and creative practices across disciplines in relation to questions of cultural difference.

a/e ProNet David W Lakamp/AIA Scholarship

For more than two decades, our organizations have partnered to award two scholarships each year to rising senior or graduate architectural students. At the annual a/e ProNet meeting in Chicago this September, our Board of Directors authorized the increase of the scholarship amount from $2,500 to $5,000 apiece. These changes will take effect with the 2013 scholarship. The deadline for this year’s scholarship application is November 29.

Visit our website for more details about this scholarship for architecture students.Applications and submission details can be found at the AIA website. 

Applications and supplementary materials can be submitted via email to in PDF format. 

In 2012, two recipients were awarded the a/e ProNet David W. Lakamp Scholarship. To read their case study topic responses, please click here.

Questions? Please send inquiries to:

Writing Tutor Application

Want to learn how to become an effective writing tutor at UC Berkeley? 
When you enroll in tutoring fieldwork at the Student Learning Center, you will have the opportunity to help UC Berkeley undergraduates increase their skills and confidence as writers while receiving valuable training in composition theory and experience in educational practices. 

We are now accepting applications for enrollment in SLC Writing Program fieldwork courses, Education 97/197 or English 310. 

For more information, visit or contact Alberto Ledesma ( and Carolyn Swalina (

Architecture Competition

John Dollus, American Society of Architectural Illustrator’s 2014 President, invites you to submit your best works to Architecture in Perspective 29. AIP 29 is a juried international architectural delineation competition that has included work by the most accomplished contemporary architects and architectural illustrators from around the world. AIP 29 is open to professional illustrators, architects, designers, teachers, students, corporations, and anyone engaged in the serious pursuit of architectural drawing. The selected pieces from the competition will be included in a traveling exhibition consisting of approximately 60 pieces of artwork selected by a jury of respected professionals from the fields of architecture, illustration, journalism, and design education.

This exhibition travels to various venues throughout the U.S. and overseas. Currently, you can view AIP 28 on display at Gensler in San Francisco.

The deadline for the professional competition is Monday, January 13, 2014
The deadline for the student competition is Monday, February 3, 2014 

f you would like to receive further information regarding the competition add your name to our e-newsletter list here:

Urban Innovators- Tumml is accepting applications for this Winter 2014 Cohort

Tumml is an urban ventures accelerator with a mission to empower entrepreneurs to solve urban problems. Through a four-month program, Tumml invites early stage companies from around the country into its office space to receive:
$20K in seed funding; 
Mentorship from civic and government leaders like the Chief Innovation Officer of San Francisco, successful urban impact entrepreneurs like the founder of Alta Bicycle Share, and urbanites like the Director of Public Policy at Airbnb;
$30K of in-kind services such as free desk space in SF, government advocacy, and web/hosting. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to"

2014 Davidson Fellows $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000 Scholarships

If you are a student who will be 18 or younger as of Oct. 1, 2014 and are working on a graduate-level project in any field of study, please consider applying for the 2014 Davidson Fellows scholarship. 
The Davidson Institute for Talent Development offers high-achieving young people across the country the opportunity to be named a 2014 Davidson Fellow, an honor accompanied by a $50,000, $25,000 or $10,000 scholarship in recognition of a significant piece of work in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Music, Literature, Philosophy or Outside the Box. 
Applicants must submit an original piece of work recognized by experts in the field as significant that has the potential to make a positive contribution to society. The scholarship may be used at any accredited university or college. The deadline to apply is Feb. 12, 2014. For additional information, please visit

ReUSE Staff Assistant Opening

Campus Recycling and Refuse Services currently have an opening for a Staff Assistant position that will help execute marketing and implementation strategies under the Refills Not Landfills grant funded by The Green Initiative Fund.

For more information, contact the ReUSE coordinator, Areya Behrouzian:

UC Berkeley Minority Health/Global Health Disparities Fellowship

The Global Health Disparities International Summer Research Fellowship program provides training in infectious diseases and health disparity research, with a focus on diseases that disproportionately affect people in developing countries. Application information and descriptions of the summer 2013 research projects are available at:

Zero Waste Research Center is Looking For a Paid Staff Assistant

I'm a UC Berkeley senior looking to hire a paid Student Staff Assistant to work with me in the Zero Waste Research Center, housed under Campus Recycling and Refuse Services and funded by The Green Initiative Fund.

Required Qualifications:

1. Strong background in research and analysis

2. Students must be self-motivated, organized, and professional.

3. Have excellent written and oral communication skills.

4. Be proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

5. Have a flexible work schedule and be available to work during academic breaks, evenings, and weekends

6. Have a valid Class C Driver’s License

For more information please email Kristen

Tomorrow's Career Preparation Program

Apply for the Management Leadership for Tomorrow's Career Preparation Program!!

MLT is the Premier Career Development Institution that equips high potential minorities with the key ingredients - Skills, Coaching and Door-opening Relationships - that unlock their potential.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Course

Greetings from the Center for Japanese Studies!

In collaboration with the Akita International University (AIU), in Akita Prefecture, Japan, we are happy to announce a special six-week, six-unit course from June 1 to July 11, 2014 held at UC Berkeley and AIU, Akita. Students will have to cover their room and board in Berkeley on their own, but airfare to and from Japan, as well as lodging during their stay, will be covered through a grant from the Japanese government., which makes this a very affordable option for students who'd like to go abroad this summer.

We are able to accept 5 students for this course. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and incoming juniors or seniors at UC Berkeley in good academic standing (GPA 3.0+). Please check out the program's website for more information.

We'd appreciate your help in spreading the word about this exciting new course. There will be an information meeting on Monday, November 18, at 5-6 PM in 78 Barrows Hall.

Tessa Machida

Hemispheres: The Tufts Journal of International Affairs

The Tufts Undergraduate Journal of International Affairs, one of the oldest undergraduate journals in the field, is now accepting submissions relating to this year’s theme of New and Old Wars. Submissions should be research articles, approx. 5000-8000 words, written by undergraduates in a broad range of fields relevant to international affairs. To view paper requirements and guidelines, please visit To submit a paper, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact
Submission Deadline: January 19, 2014.

We welcome and encourage a broad interpretation of the theme. Potential research topics may include, but are not limited to:
Changing nature of war, international law, psychological warfare, transitions, nation-building, international institutions, evolving role of technology, territorial and resource claims, gender roles, cyber security, and trade warfare.

Maxine Jacobson and Lauren Krouskoff

SMART (Student Mentoring and Research Teams) Program for summer 2014.

To expand the successes of a two-year pilot, doctoral students and undergraduate students from all departments and schools are invited to apply for the SMART (Student Mentoring and Research Teams) Program for summer 2014.
 The 2014 SMART Program will run from May 30 to August 8.

Each graduate mentor, working under the guidance of a faculty adviser, will receive a summer stipend of $5,000. Each undergraduate mentee will receive funding of $3,500 for 200 hours of work as a student assistant.

Each project will receive up to $1,500 for research expenses. Doctoral students selected as SMART mentors must complete the one-unit course, Mentoring in Higher Education (GSPDP 301), during spring semester 2014 (Tuesdays, 3:30-5 p.m.).

Informational meetings for graduate mentor applicants will be held on November 13, 11:00-12:00, 102 Moffitt Library.

Graduate Mentor Application Deadline: Monday, November 25, 2013, by 4 p.m.

Undergraduate Mentee Application Deadline: Friday, February 28, 2014, by 4 p.m.

Information on the program and links to application forms are at

If you have questions, please contact Sabrina Soracco, Director of Graduate Division Academic Services and Co-Director, SMART Program at or 643-9392.


International Artist R.B. Morris III Paints Animated Mural At Death Defying Heights

Latest San Francisco Mural Project Absolutely Huge: First Ever Artistic Landmark for R.B. Morris III in San Francisco, Color-Changing, Animated Mural.

Beginning this Thursday, November 7th, 2013, Bay area-based muralist/artist R.B. Morris III and his paint crew will be giving the 187’ tall, 77’ wide Grain Silo on Pier 92 a complete face-lift. This 14,993 sq. ft. mural depicting an electric-green Heron in flight, arms wide against a jagged angled background is based on a small geometric pattern designed by Haddad|Drugan out of Seattle, WA.

R.B. Morris III was formally trained in the art of “hand-painted advertising” at the world renowned Colossal Media in New York City ( He has completed Mural Projects in Humboldt County, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Sacramento, Chicago, New York City, and Portugal. In Portugal he teamed up with world famous graffiti artist Mr DHEO Most recently R.B. completed the $20,000, 7,500 sq.ft. OAKSTERDAM Mural in Oakland, CA. , and assisted fellow muralist Brian Barneclo in completing San Francisco’s largest mural

Since 2001 R.B. Morris III has been hand-painting Hollywood billboards, company signs, interior, exterior and facade murals, store fronts, and business windows, not to mention computer based graphic design and illustrations. Morris is a Bay Area based free-lance artist for hire.

For more information about this project, or to schedule an interview with the artist R.B. Morris III contact at (347) 279-9652 or e-mail R.B. at

The Public Policy and Leadership Conference (PPLC)

The Public Policy and Leadership Conference (PPLC) seeks to address the disproportionately low number of underrepresented groups enrolled in graduate programs in Public Policy and International Affairs.

Let Destiny Iwuoma know if you're interested, he did the program last year and is willing to help


Undergraduate Research

Come get the facts about available undergraduate research opportunities. Funded research opportunities are an important part of your preparation for graduate study and are available for all majors.

Diana Lizarraga, Cal NERDS Program Director
Thursday, November 14th, noon to 1:00pm
230-D Stephens Hall
All students welcomed - free pizza served

Organizing Internship The Restaurant Opportunit​ies Centers United

ROC-the Bay is seeking two interns to work out of our Oakland, CA office to support a worker-led participatory research project, base-building, and membership development. Interns will receive
the appropriate training and ongoing guidance to provide support on the following responsibilities:

 Conduct comprehensive surveys of restaurant workers to map out the industry and build
power for workers across the bay
 Recruit volunteer and workers to participate as surveyors for the study
 Follow up, engage, and build relationships with workers
 Conduct outreach to restaurants to become part of RAISE (Restaurants Advancing Industry
Standards in Employment)
 Data-entry and other administrative tasks as needed

Desired Qualifications:
 Passion for social justice and worker's rights
 Experience with organizing (student/campus, labor, or community organizing)
 Ability to work independently and learn quickly in diverse settings
 Available to work at least 10 hours a week for at least 8 weeks

To apply, email cover letter and resume to Van Nguyen at
by Wednesday, November 14, 2013. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

CED Admissions Ambassadors will hold informational sessions on the minors offered in the College of Environmental Design.

Come learn about the minors sessions will be held on
Wednesday November 13th
Wednesday November 20th.
Information sessions will be held from 6:30PM to 7:30PM in room 106, Wurster Hall.
Food and beverages will be provided.

Minors offered:

City & Regional Planning
Environmental Design and Urbanism in Developing Countries
History & Theory of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning
History of the Built Environment
Social & Cultural Factors in Design
Sustainable Design
This will be a great opportunity for those interested to speak with current environmental design students to learn more about their experiences and the requirements to graduate with a minor from the CED.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact:

Arami Matevosyan (
Alexander Song (

Upcoming Study Abroad Deadlines

Architect and Berkeley Alum seeking to find a part-time intern

 Information on Gunkel Architecture can be found at

While I have previously managed a branch office of another firm, Gunkel Architecture is really just starting out. As such, an intern will obtain a broad array of experience including the production of marketing material, computer modeling, drafting, physical office improvements, technical coordination and general office management.

Prospective interns should be proficient in:
General Technical Savvy

Additional proficiency in the following would be helpful but is not necessary:

 Looking for someone to come in 5 hours a week (either on Wednesdays or Fridays). The intern will be compensated for those 4 hours at $20/hour. Compensation will be as a private contractor (W-9/1099) and I can help the intern with the paperwork and calculation of tax with holdings.

If additional unpaid experience is desired, there is plenty of work to be done but I can only compensate for 4 hours a week at this time. Opportunity for additional hours as time goes on may exist.
Interested students may contact Brad via email or call directly.

Phone: 510-984-1112

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


TUESDAY, 11/05/13 5:30PM – 7:00PM

A panel of local professionals including Architects, Project Managers and Associates share their insight into what Architecture firms look for in new hires. Whether you are looking for an internship or full time position this workshop is for you!

Topics of discussion may include:
Project & Client Management – Communication
Importance of Collaboration
Trends in sustainability
Technical skill set

Make sure to Register - RSVP on Callisto.

Learn more about Career Services at CED. Find additional resources for Career Exploration, Job Search, Workshops and Career Programs.

(Co-presented with AIAEB - Special thanks to Dong Kim for planning and organizing this event!)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Subjects Wanted for a Comfort Study

Who We are looking for students (age 18+) who
would like to earn money participating in our
comfort study.
 Thermal comfort preferences.
You will spend 2 hours at a time sitting at a desk
and doing your own computer related work. We
will periodically ask you questions about your
thermal comfort.

Payment $15 per hour (test and training). You are
required to participate in all tests (4-8 hours total).
When First part in November.
Where Building Science Laboratory,
             272 Wurster Hall, UC Berkeley

 Please contact Wilmer Pasut

Our National Institutes of Health (NIH) Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program is looking to hire tutors for spring 2014.

More information click here

6th Annual YWCA Berkeley/Oakland Young Women and Money Conference


This conference will help you gain financial independence and success.

“Before I had a lot of fear about my finances and just avoided it because it was so overwhelming and now I have the courage to start getting them under control.” – 2012 Participant

“This conference has changed my relationship and attitude towards money! I’m excited to start!” – 2012 Participant

“Keep the conferences coming because they really help and inspire!” – 2012 Participant

Green for All

UCB Career Symposium for International Students

 Friday, November 1, 2013
Anna Head Alumnae Hall
1pm International Student Success Stories: What It Takes to Succeed in Your Job Search
2:30pm Your Work Authorization Options and How to Handle the Topic with Employers
3:30pm Top 5: What Employers Want You to Know about the Job Search
This event is open to Cal international students of all majors and all degree levels.
  1.  Register:  Log in to Callisto (
  2.  Locate the Events tab
  3. In the Workshops tab search for "Career Symposium for International Students" (you may attend 1 or all 3 sessions)
 For more information, contact Sarah Bang, Career Counselor for International Students at

The Tech Museum of Innovation is seeking a Coordinator of School and Afterschool Partnerships

The incumbent will provide professional development and technical assistance to after school programs and plan systemic integration of STEM instruction to local under served schools and districts to develop a whole-school STEM model:
Christina O'Guinn
Director, School and Afterschool Partnerships
The Tech Museum of Innovation

Lemelson-MIT Program expands Collegiate Prize to honor inventive students nationwide

2014 Hart Howerton Fellowship Program

The Fellowship is available to students who will be entering their final year of study in September 2014
The Fellowship includes:
$4,000 Fellowship travel expenses during the 3-week travel period.
Salary for the 8-week Fellowship/Internship within the office.
$2,000 for housing assistance during the 8-week stay in San Francisco or New York.
Round trip travel to SF or NY from the student’s school.

Application Process/Fellowship Schedule: The application can be downloaded as a PDF on our website, The submission of an accompanying portfolio will be in electronic form, uploaded to the Hart Howerton website.

The application deadline is January 17th, 2014.

. The list of Fellows will be announced on February 24th, 2014
Again, please feel free to contact me with further questions. We look forward to receiving and reviewing your students’ applications.
Best regards,
David P. Howerton
* If you have any questions contact them directly

Butler Koshland Fellowships

 "We have two fellowships open in San Francisco and are looking for exceptional emerging public service leaders who have at least 3 years of related experience."
One fellowship is in Violence Prevention Policy - the fellow will be mentored by Esta Soler, Founder and President of Futures Without Violence.

The other in Global "Green" Family Planning and the fellow will be mentored by Dr. Joseph Speidel at UCSF's Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health.

Both are year-long opportunities in San Francisco that pay $48,000

Institute for the Study of Societal Issues


"The Institute for the Study of Societal Issues presents:
Metrics of the Global Sovereign: Numbers and Stories in Global Health
Wednesday, November 6
4:00-5:30 pm
Alumnae Hall,
Anna Head A Bldg

UC Berkeley
2537 Haste Street

(just around the corner from ISSI)

Sustainable Design Major Courses

Check out which classes for the minor are currently on the Spring 14 schedule
Don't forget - you will need to check for any prerequisites or course restrictions.

List 1: CED Courses

· ARCH 140 (4) Energy and Environment (Sp)

· ARCH 169 (1-4) Special Topics in Construction Materials (Fa, Sp, Su)**

· ARCH 245 (3) Daylighting (Fa, Sp)

· ARCH 249 (1-4) Special Topics in the Physical Environment in Buildings (Fa, Sp)

· CY PLAN 114 (3) Introduction to Urban and Regional Transportation Planning (Sp)

· CY PLAN 119 (3) Planning for Sustainability

· CY PLAN 254 (3) Sustainable Communities

· LD ARCH 130 (3) Sustainable Landscapes and Cities (Fa, Sp, Su)

** Special Topics courses will be evaluated each semester by student request. Please ask the relevant staff adviser if a course has been reviewed and/or approved.

List 2: Non-CED Courses

· ANTHRO 137 (4) Energy, Culture and Social Organization (Sp)

· CIV ENG 103 (3) Introduction to Hydrology (Fa, Sp)

· CIV ENG 107 (3) Climate Change Mitigation (Sp)

· ENE,RES 102 (4) Quantitative Aspects of Global Environmental Problems (Sp)

· ENE,RES 175 (4) Water and Development (Fa)

· ESPM 102D (4) Resource and Environmental Policy (Sp)

· ESPM 163 (4) Environmental Justice: Race, Class, Equity, and the Environment (Sp) (formerly SOCIOL 128AC)

· ESPM C167 (4) Environmental Health and Development (Fa) (cross-listed as PB HLTH C160)

· ENVECON C101 (4) Environmental Economics (cross-listed as ECON C125) (Sp)

· ENVECON 162 (3) Economics of Water Resources (Sp)

· GEOG 130 (4) Food and the Environment (Fa, Sp)