The Lead Center is looking for a Co-Coordinator Intern

We are looking for a Leadership Symposium co-coordinator intern to start as soon as possible. This is an unpaid internship position with the LEAD Center.
For students that are interested and would like to be considered for the position, please email and submit a resume and cover letter to Maria Iglesia at and Jonathan Brazile at by Friday, August 10.
For more information on Leadership Symposium, please visit the following website.
Position Overview: The Leadership Symposium Co-Coordinator Intern provides leadership and support in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of Leadership Symposium.  The Leadership Symposium Co-Coordinators will serve on the 2012 Leadership Symposium Planning Team and work with the LEAD Center Leadership Symposium professional staff, student volunteers, and other Leadership Symposium partners to ensure the success of the 2012 Leadership Symposium.

The Co-Coordinators will help coordinate the Leadership Symposium advertising campaign to the campus community and create coalitions and collaborative opportunities between the Leadership Symposium Planning Team and other organizations on and off campus.  Additionally the Leadership Symposium Co-Coordinator will work with members of the planning team to clarify team member responsibilities, answer questions, and provide support., The Co-Coordinators will primarily utilize one-on-one conversations, presentations, and strategic emailing to reach out to UC Berkeley organizations and nearby campuses to promote the Leadership Symposium and ultimately serve as a representative of Leadership Symposium to the campus community.

Time Commitment: 
- 7-10 work hours per week (July-October)
-1 hour weekly coordinator meetings: Date/time TBD by the team
- 2-3 hours of pre-preparation meetings: October 8-12
- On-site Volunteer Training: Saturday, October 13
- Leadership Symposium: Sunday, October 14 -
- Post-Assessment and Transition Meeting: Date/time TBD by the team
- Enrolled UC Berkeley student
Job Responsibilities
- Assist student volunteers with various position responsibilities such as:
       - On-site student volunteer training - create and facilitate a training session for on-site student volunteers responsible for on-site registration, workshop presenter support, and day-of logistics of Leadership Symposium
- Consolidate evaluations and feedback from Leadership Symposium attendees to be used to make recommendations for future Leadership Symposium programs
- Make additional recommendations for future programs
- Provide general support for the LEAD Center Staff and Planning Team
- Research events similar to Leadership Symposium to make recommendations for improvement

- Brainstorm discussion with planning team regarding theme.
- Brainstorm discussion with planning team regarding potential educational sessions and keynotes
- Develop and distribute proposal forms. 
- Find presenters for educational sessions
- Create educational session evaluation forms. 
- Secure A/V needs presenters might have
- Gather biographies and pictures of guest speakers
- Prepare speaking points for speakers that relate to theme.
- Purchase gifts for guest speakers, staying within budget as determined by Finance Chairs. 
- Greet speakers on the day-of and acquaint them with logistics.
- Distribute results of conference evaluations to presenters and other relevant contacts.
- Coordinate fundraising efforts (monetary/in-kind), including letter writing and grant writing.
- Maintain ongoing record of donations and incoming funds.
- Create budget (both estimate in the beginning of the year and final once all expenditures and incoming funds are recorded).
- Serve as the contact for all sponsors; follow-up with sponsors and send thank-you notices (personal visits, e-mails, etc.) after the conference.
- Compile end-of-the-year finance transition report for next year. 

- Create and implement overall marketing strategy in a professional and creative manner, incorporating event theme
- Write emails publicizing Leadership Symposium.
- Create flyers about Leadership Symposium.
- Design t-shirt.
- Outreach to local college to have their students attend Symposium.
- Develop an outreach plan to attract alumni and have them attend Leadership Symposium.
- Coordinate partnership with California Alumni Association.
- Write emails publicizing Symposium to be sent to off-campus (local college and alumni) contacts. 
- Develop and maintain a list of off-campus student leaders to contact by email and phone.
- Find other target markets (e.g. community leaders, etc. as seen fit).
- Handle packets, nametags, etc. for the day-of.
- Coordinate room assignments with Program Chairs.
- Coordinate lunch location, registration table, etc. 
- Arrange for A/V equipment, tables, chairs, etc.
- Facilitate A/V equipment briefing for volunteers.
- Work with ASUC staff to coordinate tables, chairs, power, etc. in facilities.
- Develop emergency evacuation plan/first aid.
- Coordinate logistics with restaurants, donors, sponsors, etc. for food day-of.
- Coordinate creation of task sheet for day-of with Overall Chairs.
- Coordinate final inventory and move to storage.
- Make facility reservations for the next Symposium.
- Develop registration system for day-of to ensure smooth and quick sign-in process: coordinate with Logistics Chairs and Campus Life and Leadership staff for best approach to registration.
- Set up and coordinate registration check-in process on the day-of. 
- Maintain database/roster and online registration system.
- Send out confirmation and reminder e-mails to registrants.
- Coordinate online registration and payment process
- Create Certificate of Attendance for participants and others, as necessary.
- Solicit necessary supplies from sponsors (e.g. Give Something Back and Cal Student Store).
- Develop contents of the Leadership Symposium website
- Coordinate construction and maintenance of website
- Design and print event program
- Take pictures throughout the planning process and the day of the event
- Recruit and assign volunteers for conference