Renmin Zhu: Human Ecological Restoration Summer Lecture Series

He was born into the greatest family of artists in China!
He is known as the Chinese Michelangelo!
He is the only artist with an individual named Art Museum in 2012 Shanghai World Expo!
He has been Invited by United Nations for solo exhibition!
He is Renmin Zhu - an Artist beyond Our Time!
He is coming to Berkeley for lecturing
He will share with you all his amazing artworks and unbelievable projects
He will change your way to look at China and the whole world
He may even change your way to think about your own life!

We are welcoming you to our lectures! Please Come, don't miss it!
Lecture Series Schedule:
Lecture series: Ecological Restoration through Art (
1. National Wetland Park (7/10)
2. Lotus Island (7/12)
3. Desolate Sands on the Sea (7/17)
4. Water Villages (7/19)
5. Grand Canal (7/24)
6. Highways and Bridges (7/26)
7. Yellow River (7/31)
8. Design on the Marine Museum (8/2)
9. Bare Cliff (8/7)
10. Ecological Restoration through Art (8/9)
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