Compost Alliance Looking for Three New Program Assistants

My name is Anna Szendrenyi, and I am Co-Coordinator of the Compost Alliance, a student group formed in Fall 2010 to implement a campus-wide compost collection system. We are currently hiring three new Program Assistants to help with our mission. We are looking for students from any and all majors committed to the compost cause! Please forward the attached application form to interested students-
Compost Alliance is now hiring students to help achieve Zero Waste by 2020 at UC Berkeley!
Interested in an waste reduction position? Apply to be a Compost Alliance Program Assistant and help implement a campus-wide composting program at Cal! Please see the attached job description for more information and contact with questions.* This position is paid. Applications due August 27th.

*Note - no attachment found. Notify the above contact for more information.