New Course Offering - IAS 194: "Building Websites"

IAS 194: BUILDING WEBSITES ">W 4-7P, 125 DWINELLE 4 units, CC 46520 Instructor: Tara Graham / 

 This course is intended for students who are interested in researching international or area study topics with aim to produce "capstone" multi-page, multimedia websites. In a series of media workshops, students will explore specific methods and approaches used to post accurate, timely and engaging web content through the weaving of old and new research techniques. In addition to identifying topics, determining central research questions, and tracking/analyzing the news gathering and reporting techniques of mainstream and alternative media sources, students will independently research relevant historical/cultural/background data, identify and interview experts or sources, and participate in global conversations regarding breaking news developments through micro-blogging (Twitter) and other social media platforms. Students will research, report and comment on their topics using basic sourcing (hyperlinking) and search engine optimization (SEO) practices; they will also learn how to find and attribute Creativ e Commons licensed content, and will experiment with a variety of web-based tools and photo/video editing programs. Students will also study and discuss the contemporary social, cultural, and media phenomena that are quickly changing the processes of research and news production, along with habits of consumption, in an increasingly connected, online world. THE WEBSITES PRODUCED IN THIS CLASS CAN BE USED TO DEMONSTRATE TO FUTURE EMPLOYERS OR GRADUATE SCHOOLS STUDENTS' ENGAGEMENT WITH INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, CAPACITY FOR RESEARCH, AND TRAINING IN ONLINE PRODUCTION. Prior web or multimedia skills not required.