Reception for Graduating Seniors

 Dear LAEP faculty, lecturers, and graduating students,

I'm writing to invited you to attend the LAEP/MUD Reception for
Graduating Students on Saturday, May 12th.   The event serves as our
departmental celebration for graduating students (graduate and
undergraduate) in the LAEP Department and MUD program.

The event will be held at Blake Garden, which is located about 4 miles
from campus.  70 Rincon Road., Kensington, CA 94707.

*          LAEP/MUD Reception for Graduating Students*
*          Saturday, May 12, 2012*
*          Blake Garden*
*          4:00PM*

The event is scheduled to last about 2.5 hours.  Refreshments and
appetizers will be provided.

Please feel free to invite up to 4 guests.  If you'd like to invite more
than 4 guests, we can certainly accommodate.  However, please let me
know the total number of your guests so that we can adjust the catering
order if needed.

Parking is very limited; please carpool!  If you or your guest(s) have
special needs for parking (i.e., disability), please let me know.