Landscape Architecture Major Handbook Curriculum Changes

The most up-to-date version of the Landscape Architecture
Major Handbook has a few curriculum changes which you
should take note on page 6.  Notably, for those of you going into your
Fall Junior year, make sure you enroll in LA 101, LA 134A, LA 110 (LA
170 is moved to Spring), and your American Cultures course (which, if
you have fulfilled it, can be substituted with a CED Upper Div
Non-Major, minor course, or elective).

There are some other changes in the order in which you will take courses
as well as the removal of LA 111 and addition of LA 134B.  Please feel
free to come in during drop-in or email me with any questions.  The rest
of my hours this week are:
Wednesday, 4/25:  1-4pm
Thursday, 4/26:  9am-noon
We are also open during RRR week, finals, and summer.
I hope you are all hanging in there!

Take care,