Architectural Design Competitions - Arcbazar

Dear Students,

I am writing to you in regards to Arcbazar, an exciting MIT VMS affiliated start-up in Cambridge, MA. We administer small-to-medium scale architectural design competitions geared towards architecture students and recent graduates. We are located at Dogpatch Labs, part of Microsoft’s NERD center in the MIT campus.

Arcbazar offers a unique design platform that gives your students and recent graduates an opportunity to hone their skills by competing on smaller scale real-world design problems in the US and around the world. These smaller-scale competitions may be an opportunity for your students to win quick cash prizes, perhaps connect with potential clients, develop their portfolio, and put their name out in the design world before they even graduate.

Here are three exemplary competitions --among many others-- that we are currently running:
- Award: $2,500 - A beach house in Florida

- Award: $2,000 - A street fa├žade for a physical therapy clinic in New York

- Award: $750 - An 800 sqf addition for a home in South Carolina

We have around 100 new projects in the pipeline.

There is no participation fee and you can register and sign up for these competitions for free on our site

Please do not hesitate to contact me ( if you have any questions, or need any clarifications. If you  happen to be in the Boston area, please feel free to drop by at our office at MIT Kendall Square.

I hope you consider spreading the word, and look forward to hearing from your students!

Best regards,

Dr. Imdat As