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IDP Changes Coming April 3, 2012
This April, NCARB will implement the final phase of IDP 2.0, marking the 
most significant change to the program since it began in the 1970s.
*Below is a list of useful resources to help you understand these 
changes and how they affect your IDP progress. *April 3, 2012 will mark 
the final transition of IDP. **
Refer to the following NCARB press release site for current news: 
Specific IDP 2.0 NCARB new clips are as follows: 
It’s recommended that interns become familiar with the IDP 2.0 changes 
and use the NCARB resources and tools to understand how these changes 
affect their own IDP progress and prepare for the changes in April. 
*Understand what IDP 2.0 is:
* Understand the rollover of IDP to IDP 2.0:
* Use the IDP 2.0 Rollover Calculator to see how these changes will affect you:
* Understand the History, Timeline and Process of implementing IDP 2.0
* Take advantage of all the additional IDP 2.0 Resources, including
articles and webcasts from NCARB
* Make sure to understand the IDP basics, what it is, and why it exists in the first place:
Report Your IDP Experience Today!!
All experience in the e-EVR prior to noon EDT 3 April 2012 will be 
rolled over to IDP 2.0 in accordance with the rules in the /IDP 2.0/ /Interns’ Rollover Guide/ 
<>. However, the status of your hours in the 
e-EVR will have implications as to how you are rolled over to IDP 2.0*. Use the above NCARB 
Resources to understand how these changes and the rollover will affect you!
NCARB administers the Internship Development Program.
Please contact NCARB 
<> Customer Service 
with any questions you may have regarding IDP 2.0:
Email: <>
Phone: 202-879-0520 <tel:202-879-0520>
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