Apply for the Health Service Internship Program! Due Friday by 5 PM!

Interested in Public Health, non-profit work, or service learning? The 
Health Service Internship (HSI) is a 3-unit, semester long internship 
that places students in health-related community and non-profit 
organizations throughout the Bay Area, with emphasis on public health. 
In the past, areas of internship have ranged across various fields, such 
as therapeutic nursery schools, resource centers for cancer patients, 
and environmental health agencies. Intern duties can also differ greatly 
and are determined mostly by the organizations. Examples include youth 
education, community organizing, research and policy development, and 
more. Coupled with the internship, students actively learn about major 
issues in the field of public health in a weekly discussion class.

HSI is now accepting applications for interns for Fall 2012. Please find 
the application at <>!  The 
applications are due Friday, April 6,by 5pm at 309 Eshleman. Please 
with any questions you may have
Marvin So
University of California, Berkeley | B.A. Public Health '12
(909) 680 - 9451 | <>