Read how you can use your architecture degree for entrepreneurial advancement!

If you are interested to learn what creative jobs you can do with an architecture degree besides becoming an architect, please read an interesting article in Black Enterprise magazine (January 2012 issue) titled, Driven by Design on pages 75-76 that can be found in CED's advising office on the sign in counter or at this link which shows the magazine cover. Then you go to the page of the article which is page #75-76 by using the arrow page changer located in the top yellow margin or click on the white box to select the exact page #.

Highlights of the article include:
  • Twin brothers graduated with a B.S. in Architecture form the University of Florida & earned a Master's in Architecture, Advance Placement from Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • They were recruited as researchers by world-renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhass
  • Their travels " them to the inner workings of an architecture firm including merchandising, creating concepts for brands, and designing the stages for fashion shows (p. 75)."
  • Founded their own company called DIOSCURI starting with a small line of silk scarves and high-quality woven fabrics, then wooden bracelets.  "...DIOSCURI has evolved into a brand consulting firm for major players in the design industry (p.76)."
  • They created design innovations for Starbucks, luxury hotels, and department stores
  • Key message from the article is to to diversify your work to survive the industry!